Friends today i will tell you how you can install WordPress cms on your hosting.
First of all Download WordPress from the link given below...

Now upload it to your public_html directory.
Extract the wordpress(that you download) zip file on your public_html directory.
I am install it on my webhosting sub directory named wordpress...
I extract wordpress cms files on my subdirectory named "wordpress".
it seems like http://www.youdomain/wordpress
Now go to your phpmyadmin and create a new database with any name..
After creating database just open thelink where wordpress files located.
Like  http://www.yourdomain/wordpress
open this http://yourdomain.com/wordpress/wp-admin/setup-config.php

After opening the above link wordpress will ask for language as show in picture.
just select your language and click Continue.

Now At the very next page wordpress will create a configuration file automatically you just need to click next Let's go! as show in the picture.

Now fill the form enter your database name, Database Username, Database Password, Database Host and leave table prexif if you want to install multiple wordpress in a single database then change table prexif otherwise leave it and click submit

Now at the next page click  "Run the install" button.

In the Next Page just fill your website detail and click "Install Wordpress"

Congrats Your wordpress successfully installed.

Now Login You Your WP admin panel.
I Hope you enjoy this simple tutorial..

If you still have any problem then feel free to comment..

Thanks Live Happy

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