I am going to tell you about the importance of links in this post we will come to know about the importance of links in our website. I am not talking about back linking. Obviously back linking is also one of the most important thing but we will discuss it in another post.

About anchor tag.
By including an anchor tag within a post or page, you can place links in the body of your post which when clicked allow the reader to jump to another location on the page.

So the question is what types of link we are going to discuss.
Answer is simple we are going to discuss about "anchor tags". Why anchor tag is so important in our website. You can also check your content uniqueness by visiting here

Here is will explain you with an example.
Before knowing the importance of links i.e "anchor tags" you have to know about the structure of "anchor tags". But is not also much important because all you know about the structure as given below.

<a href="Your Link Here">Text To Display</a>

Important thing in the anchor tag is this that you have to write a descriptive "Text To Display".
"Your Link Here" is also obviously important because your are jumping to that specific web page but "Text To Display" is also much important.

Whenever search engine try to index you webpage it also index you links save them and display them whenever user try to search something search engine look into you "Text To Display" and then show related result. So "Text To Display" is really much important.

For example:
If you are going to give Google chrome for download them your link show be something like this.

<a href="Google Chrome Download Link Here">Download Google Chrome Click Me</a

Do not write Click here to download or Click Me
You can also see the in the starting paragraph of this blog i am give you a method of checking content uniqueness And text that is displaying is You can also check your content uniqueness by visiting here. Its a complete descriptive text that is am displaying in my link.

Hope you understand about the importance of Link "anchor tags".
If you still have any confusion then feel free to comment. You comment are valueable.

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