5 Reasons Why New People Fail In Blogging

Now a day earning money online is not so much difficult but there are some things that you have to follow in order to earn a huge amount of money online. There are millions of searches on Google search engine that searches how to earn money online. They found a lot of scam websites that show them that you can earn 100$ to 200$ per day or 2000$ per month easily.
All these things are scam do not trust any one over the internet until you are not sure about that person or website.

These website just only need to your money. A very few site will give a genius method of making money online.

Some of the websites will tell you that you can easily earn money online by just creating a simple blog and them put some ad on it.

Developing a high ranked website  is not simple as it look likes. You have to do a lot of work on it. Most people hate working on website writing posts that why in the start they create a new blog or website and after few weeks they stop running it. You can a lot blog over the internet that just have few posts and then author of that blog stop running it.

Here in post we will tell why people fail in blogging?

What are the reasons behind their failure?

Few of the reasons are given below.

1) First And Most Important Reason  that they do not have enough knowledge.

Many of the people start creating free blog and they don't have any idea or any kind of planning that what they are going to do.They create free blogs using blogger.com , wordpress.com or any other CMS(content management system). After creating blog they don't know what to do next. Even these people spend a lot of time on choosing what website title should be.
These people are just foolish one's because they don't know what they are going to do. They don't have enough knowledge about post content over their website. They just start sharing different song, films, games all such copyright content. Because these people don't know even what copyright rule says that's why they failed in blogging.

2) Secondly people do not have enough time to spend.

Now a day time is considered as a money. People really don't have enough time to spend on their websites/blog. Blogging needs a lot of time. Because you have to write a new fresh article on daily basis. Writing a 1000 - 2000 words article is such a difficult work and needs a lot of time.

3) No Writing Skills

Writing skill is one of the most valuable skill considered now a days. Writing a unique article is such a difficult work that no body can imagine except the writers/authors. If you have a good or excellent writing skill then you can earn a huge amount of money. By visiting different freelancing website you write article for people according to their need. Writing a unique article is another difficult thing.
Writing a SEO friendly artical is also required in writing any article. You can check your content uniqueness by visiting this page.

4) Lack of Consistency

A person who is not a good writer and have no writing skill can not write content consistently. Consistency is really a very important factor in writing post/content. People start writing post and they got lost inside their post. As thinks that they are writing a greedy dog story and it is really a simple to write something unique as a greedy dog story. People got lost and they give a lot turns to their posts. They start with something different and end with a different thing :D.

5) Quick Results

After a few day of blogging people wants that their website should have a huge amount of traffic and they want different advertisement account so that they put ads on their website and generate revenue from it. But according to my experience newly people have to spend at least 10 - 12 hours over the internet for search different things increasing their knowledge, increasing their writing skill so that they can write consistently.  

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